Instrument accessories

仪表附件 隔膜密封


1010 1025>>
Model Range: 1010

Diaphragm type chemical seal  
Miniature diaphragm seal with thread
Rating pressure max. PN 600

Process connection: male thread fixed
Diaphragm:              stainless steel, with upper body welded
Filling fluid:              Glycerine/Water, FFL-Nr. 6

- compact dimensions
- various process connections
- flush diaphragm at the front
- for media up to 400°C
- special materials for extreme service requirements

Pressure range
0...10 bar up to 0...600 bar

Process connection
G 1/2" B
G 3/4" B 
G 1" B   

Instrument connection
G 1/4" female or G 1/2 female
(see data sheet)

Diaphragm seals can only be supplied installed on a pressure gauge. It arise costs for installation.



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